Tooth Whitening

If you’ve been embarrassed by tea, coffee or tobacco-stained teeth, here’s a great solution. You can quickly get whiter teeth with ZOOM!® whitening system. In about one hour, you can greatly improve the look of your teeth – far whiter than any at-home treatment or toothpaste.

The Zoom!® system uses a unique bleaching gel that we apply to the teeth, and a special light helps accelerate the process.

During the treatment, the hydrogen peroxide in the gel is broken down and enters the enamel and dentin — bleaching the stained surfaces. The result is whiter teeth yet the structure of enamel is unchanged. The process takes just one hour and can leave teeth up to 8 times whiter.

In one quick trip we can whiten teeth dramatically!

Keeping Your Smile Bright

Before we whiten your teeth, we will perform a full dental exam. We want to make sure you get the exact results that you’re looking for — which means identifying the underlying cause behind tooth discoloration.

Red wine, tea, coffee and tobacco can all cause teeth to lose their shine. However, serious dental issues could also be the reason behind discolouration.

Tooth decay or defective fillings can cause teeth to yellow, so they must be treated first. Also, gum disease and other basic dental issues must be addressed before we whiten teeth.

We can provide you with an at-home teeth whitening kit to help you maintain your newly-whitened teeth. To craft these kits, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth to create a tray that will fit perfectly. You will also get detailed instructions to make sure you use the tray correctly.

Are you ready for a bright white beautiful smile? Contact us to make an appointment to learn more about Zoom!® whitening.


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Tooth Whitening

The Zoom!® system uses a unique bleaching gel that we apply to the teeth, and a special light helps accelerate the process.


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