How Might You be Placing Your Oral Health in Jeopardy?

How Might You be Placing Your Oral Health in Jeopardy?

There can be times when regular visits to the dentist may not be enough to guarantee the health of our teeth and gums. In fact, some seemingly common practices could very well place our oral health in jeopardy.

For example, were you aware that drinking excessive amounts of sparkling water can leave your mouth exposed to high levels of carbonic acid? In the same respect, tongue piercings may inadvertently damage tooth enamel. What are some other conclusions and how can these practices have a positive impact upon your smile?

– Certain medications are known to dry out our mouths and increase the likelihood of developing cavities.

– Workout drinks laden with sugar might likewise contribute to tooth decay.

– Chewing ice is not recommended, as these shards could cause unintended damage to your teeth.

There is some research that suggests that drinking sparkling water can harm your teeth.”

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Dr. Abhishck Kabra

Dr. Kabra has taken over the practice from Mr. Rob Bell, who is semi-retired and continues to work at the practice part-time.

Mr. Bell describes Dr. Kabra as: "a highly qualified dentist… who is likeable and friendly and I hope you will see him with the reassurance that I thoroughly recommend him."

Dr. Kabra qualified from a prestigious dental school in India, and was subsequently recruited to the UK as a dentist. He soon developed an interest in restorative & cosmetic dentistry and subsequently went on to complete a Restorative Diploma, with the respected Royal College of Surgeons. He is also an accredited trainer of newly qualified dentists. He has expertise in utilizing invisible braces to straighten teeth. He also has experience in implant dentistry and can help with snoring and sleep apnoea.

Dr. Kabra says: "I am delighted to offer a broad range of bespoke private treatments, ranging from private general dental care to orthodontics (braces to straighten teeth), dental implants (to replace missing teeth), and facial aesthetics (wrinkle relaxation & dermal fillers)".

"I look forward to meeting each of you personally in the near future and hope to continue a lasting relationship of providing you a lifetime of good oral health."

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