Advantages of Dental Veneers

By Lisa Grenney | Dentistry

Apr 16
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Veneers are an extremely popular dental treatment that transform people’s lives. They are thin pieces of porcelain, resin or composite materials that are moulded to fit within your teeth. The right veneers are a quick way to a beautiful smile and are ideal for those with stained, chipped or have gaps. As veneers are an irreversible treatment, take a look at some of the benefits before making your decision.


Your face is usually the first thing a person notices in person, quickly followed by your smile. Veneers completely transform your smile leaving you with perfect teeth and a whole new sense of confidence. Whether it’s talking, eating or just getting in photographs, veneers provide you with a whole new lease of life.


Veneers are moulded to your teeth which makes them almost impossible to differentiate between the veneer and your natural tooth. They provide you with a beautiful, long lasting smile that is completely natural to your face.

No additional treatment

The veneer is bonded onto your tooth which means you do not require additional shaping or drilling unless you require it. With many taking a disliking to the dentist, this is often good news to most people after enduring treatment.


Most people seem to think veneers come with a lot of aftercare & maintenance, however this is not the case. Once your veneers are fitted & everything feels okay, caring for your new smile is no different. Simply brushing twice-a-day & flossing daily is all that is required, there is no special maintenance.

Better Teeth

Although it’s obvious, veneers provide you with pretty perfect looking teeth. Your new smile will be gleaming all thanks to your brand-new pearly whites.
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