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Link Found Between Poor Oral Health and Dementia

10th / April / 2017

It seems that sporting white teeth and a bright smile can offer additional benefits other than avoiding trips to the dentist. Research has found that those who are able keep their original teeth are far less likely to develop age-related dementia.

While the exact correlation is not yet fully understood, one theory suggests that chewing increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

In order to emphasise why a healthy smile and regular visits to the dentist are important, let us look at some additional facts.

  • Chronic periodontal disease may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Dietary changes due to poor or ineffective chewing habits could contribute to dementia.
  • Over 46.8 million people from around the world are thought to suffer from dementia.

“Tooth loss may also lead to people eating less healthily, while chronic inflammation of the gums could help bring on dementia.”

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