Maintaining Your Oral Health This Summer

By Lisa Grenney | Oral health

Jul 16
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The warmer weather has finally arrived, and the summer months are fast approaching, a time where most people forget about their oral health and put cool, sugary drinks first. Take a look at our blog for our top tips on staying healthy this summer.

Keep on Top of your Oral Hygiene
Brushing twice a day and flossing daily is as important in the summer as it is in any other season. With holidays coming up and weekends away it’s important to remind children to keep on top of their oral hygiene. Summer is also a great time to buy new toothbrushes. This way you can replace the old, worn out ‘germy’ ones.

In order to prevent dental problems over summer, book your family in early and not right at the end of August. This way, you will have a clean bill of dental health for summer, the last thing you want is a family member suffering with toothache before a holiday.

Stock a Healthy Kitchen
Stock healthy food and avoid an “acid attack” on your family’s teeth. It’s hard to limit snacking with the kids off school, but with the availability of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, you can stock the fridge with healthy options. Be sure to keep the fruits and vegetables clean and ready to grab, and swap out the sugary, acidic snacks.

They may not be in your mouth; however, they are equally as important to care for in the summer months. Your lips are incredibly sensitive to the sun but are often overlooked when people put on sun cream. Protect yourself with lip balms that include SPF, particularly ones with over 30spf or above to apply regular.
These are just a few tips that we advise this summer. Feel free to get in touch for more oral tips. 01482 666635.


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