Teeth Whitening

By Lisa Grenney | Oral health

Jun 19
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Is teeth whitening the right option for you?

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can help you get white teeth with our ZOOM!

Whitening system. Within an hour you can improve the look of your teeth, taking away those embarrassing coffee, tobacco or even red wine stains.

Whether it is to purely improve your smile or to impress at a special event such as a wedding or family occasion, our teeth whitening service can improve your teeth leaving them up to 8x whiter. Teeth whitening is a non-surgical procedure, our Zoom! the system uses a unique bleaching gel that is applied to your teeth and then to accelerate the process a special light is used. After one quick trip, your teeth can whiten dramatically.

Before we begin any whitening procedure, we perform a complete dental exam to ensure that you receive the exact results that you came to us in search of. That means we have to discover the underlying cause behind your tooth discolouration to advise against this happening again. Whilst many teeth discolour due to lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking dark liquids i.e. red wine, there can be more serious causes for discolouration, including gum disease or tooth decay.

Once your procedure is over we can even offer you a kit to help keep your teeth stay white a home after your initial whitening. These kits can be made up by creating an impression of your teeth and a tray that will perfectly fit to whiten your smile at a later date. So, if you are ready to brighten your smile please contact our team to arrange your appointment.


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