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The Do’s And Don’ts

23rd / August / 2019

We all know how easy it is to pick up on bad habits when it comes to dental care.

The standard 2 minutes brushing time gets limited down to a sluggish 1 minute 30 because you’re exhausted and ready for bed. Although most of us do it, it’s important we eliminate the bad habits and realise just how important looking after your teeth really is.

Regular Dental Check Ups

Whether you’ve developed a fear of the dentist or maybe you just don’t enjoy going, no matter what your excuse is, visiting the dentist regularly is essential. If you require treatment it is always best to carry it out promptly before problems have a chance to get worse and solutions become more expensive.

Avoid Googling Your Problems

We’ve all been there, we suddenly suffer from tooth ache and we end up self-diagnosing ourselves thanks to Google. The Internet isn’t always a safe place. Worryingly, there are a number of YouTube videos showing you how to carry out all sorts of dental treatments that realistically take years of training to conduct. When it comes to dental care, it’s always best to leave it with the professionals.

Brush Thoroughly

Good brushing is so important and is a simple way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Throughout the day, plaque accumulates on your teeth and the only way to remove this is by brushing your teeth. Over time plaque can turn to tartar and potentially stain your teeth, so by brushing for 2-minutes twice a day, you can keep the plaque at bay.

Leave the Teeth Whitening to the Professionals

It’s all over the internet and is a craze on social media, with hundreds of people investing in DIY teeth whitening it’s important we reflect on the negative side effects. In the UK, teeth whitening has to be supervised by a dentist and it’s illegal for anyone else to provide this treatment. At home teeth whitening kits can completely deteriorate the enamel on your teeth, so sticking with your local dentist is the most suitable solution if you’re after gleaming pearly whites.

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