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Tips To Care For Dental Implants

23rd / March / 2017

A dental implant consists of a bio-compatible titanium screw that affixes to the jaw bone and a porcelain replacement tooth. For those who have lost teeth due to trauma or disease, getting dental implants is the best way to restore one’s smile and maintain the structural integrity of the lower half of the face.

It’s an easy and routine procedure. Still, there are some important after-care measures that need to be taken.

Following the Initial Procedure

Your dentist will most likely do this procedure over the course of two visits. First, the dental implant will be inserted, and then you’ll likely have to wait a little over a week before the crown is affixed at the top.

During this time your mouth will be sore and swollen. Avoid apples, taffy, well-cooked meats, and other foods that are tough on the teeth. In fact, you’re best to stick to cold foods and drinks during this time.

Your dentist will give you a special mouthwash that you ought to use according to his or her specific directions during this time.

After The Implant’s Healed

Before you can get back to brushing your teeth the way you normally would, your dentist will likely advise you to use a soft-bristled tooth brush.

If you’re a smoker, you can add your new dental implant(s) to the long list of reasons to quit. Smoking drastically decreases the healing time, and there is definitely an established link between dental implants an increased risk of smoking related oral cancers.

Going Forward

Once the implant has fully healed, you’ll be able to brush normally with a normal tooth brush. This means brushing twice a day.

Flossing a dental implant may prove to be a little trickier, however, and you need to pay special attention to any food that gets stuck at the top of the implant near the crown.

The crown will need to be replaced eventually, so make sure to schedule regular follow-up appointments.

With the right after care, you’ll enjoy a healthy smile for years to come with your dental implants.

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